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How would life be if there were dinosaurs?

I cannot believe it! It puts on the meat of hen in spite of only hearing it. To live with the dinosaurs serious impossible. They would kill all the dinosaurs, from the predator mas boy to the herbivore mas big. Already we had become extinct! Since they would eat the carnivorous ones or us podíanr to have trodden on a big herbivore. If I had there I would die, not of that they had eaten or squashed me, if not of fear. Imagine that a dinosaur comes to your house, and these sleeping, and suddenly you meet the face of a dinosaur above yours.

Summarizing, we are lucky of that the dinosaurs were dying and that it were doing all. And the one that says that it is a shame that they had died already say to you I who has not thought it. To the archeologists it likes to discover fossils and study the life of the dinosaurs, but I think that they would like mas to see them in photos to seeing them behind them trying to eat up them.

If a dinosaur had to remain living he would prefer that it was not not carnivorous, not omnivorous, and greatly less that it is big. I it want herbivore and of the stature of a child boy.





Gymnastics is my favorite sport. Then when I was told that we had to decide by a theme, not I did twice. He was going to do acrobatic gymnastics! Since 2 years wanting to do the things they did gymnasts he saw on TV. Until one day I saw as Almudena Cid was the leg on the head. Since then I pointed to the gym. And that was my challenge put me foot on his head, until one day I got it. And I was so happy that I got many photos doing and hung them in my room, although this put me toe head I find difficult, until one day I realized that was my fault. It was that I was doing it with the wrong leg. Because we don’t have the same flexibility with one leg than in another. And since 4 years I’ve been trying to touch me toe head and I got it with 8 years. But I do not regret having been 4 years trying because when I got it gave me great joy to know that those 4 years had paid off.



The end



Not remember that in the previous post we were going to put Estepona to make a show . As it worked out great. Although the trip was tired, it was worth it . See how people liked the choreography and how you applaud is superchulo . As we act later we arrived at our collection point at 2:15 in the morning. We were pipped the bus ride . The worst of the exhibition was that we had to do it on a football field that had small pebbles of black color you down to the floor at the incabas knees. And I would pass very well with everyone but I had a great with my Trio : Patri and Rosa. And on the bus they were just laughing. It was a fantastic experience I want to repeat. Let’s see if I get this year with the trio last year or the display .  END


What school does not teach us but we’re going to need in the future?

Hello children but while I do not write, today I’ll show one of the things they do not teach in school but we will be needed in the future. One of the main things are the languages. In many schools offer only English and very few hours, I think we’re going to need to know languages to communicate, for example: imagine you are selling cars, and one day a French want a car, you who you say you do not know French; because you’ve lost a customer. I believe that should be taught in school how to manage technology. Technology is the future and if we do not teach you how to handle it, it will cost more work higher. In some cabbage (but very few) are taught to handle robots or computers. That is something that many schools in Spain should work. Because if higher a child / that from small takes very controlled what technology you could think up something, it would be wonderful.




Sport is one of the things I like to do. Daily (or almost all) do some exercise, for example: if one day not going to the gym, I go out to the terrace to do somersaults with tape or play soccer with my sister. But good sports have something in common that are sports, but they are also very different. In some legs more work, in others arms, in some use balls, others use objects (such as tape, bar), others just throw things … But in the end all are good in their way. My favorite sport is gymnastics, where the rhythm (apparatus), sports (they are more deadly) and Acrobatic (very similar to the one sport that is done in soil and in groups) come.



The acrobatic gymnastics

Hello everyone. In this writing I’ll tell you many things. 1 Acrobatic gymnastics, NOW is an Olympic sport! (But only in junior category). Being 2nd Olympic sport requires rules for the championships, to go to the championship of Spain. In Andalusia you have to be in the top 10 in your category. 3rd’ve changed the rules and now the song and exercise can lead letter. Already I have wanted to see that I practice sport in the Olympics! I hope to put you in higher categories (other than junior). When our coach told us the news was a great surprise. Well, this is just a greeting, and do not forget sucribirte! END


The acrobatic gymnastic

Hello children. I know that while I do not write. I’ve been in London, but today we will not talk about it.
As I told you in previous posts, acrobatic gymnastics is an Olympic sport, but only junior. And it has now changed the rules of competition:

1º can not go to the championship of Spain, the coaches want, but will have to qualify to go in the Championship of Andalusia. But the number of places in each category to go to Spain are not the same, and depending on the participants there.


2ºMusic can bring 2nd letter, but if l @ s gimnastasla distracted sing or no penalty.
Well, that’s it for today. Next week there will be more.
A greeting.
the end

My favorite youtuber is … @yuyacst

YUYA !!!

Mariand Castrejan Castaneda (Yuya). He is Mexican and was born on March 13, 1993. As many people know is a very famous Youtuber and that stands out for that peculiar voice. When I was 16 (in 2009) youtube channel was made thanks to the participation in a makeup contest in which I had to record a video. In it he taught his talent for makeup. And, although I did not win, she kept going making videos, but her wetuber name was not the same. It was “ladymakeup16”, then changed it to yuya. Your channel goes on fashion tips, makeup, hairstyles … I love. If you can go through your channel, you will love it.



Hi. The other day some mothers visited us to explain how it was, how it is and gave us some ideas of what architecture will look like in the future. Inma and Sofia explained everything very well and here I am going to put what they explained to us more or less.

  •  In the Neolithic one was called architecture to the dolmens. They were houses made of stones.

  •   The first people to use the concrete and semicircular arch were the Romans.

  •  In the Middle Ages the greatest power was held by the churches. And at that moment they were made of stone.

  • The first building to be all made of iron and glass was built in 1850.


Significant factors in a construction


  •  Quality

  • Execution time.

  •  Budget.

  •  Safety at work


The longer it takes in a play, the more money it costs.


  • Building work

  •  Writing a project. ~~~ It was by hand.

  • Elaboration of a project

  • Execution of a project. ~~~ Models were made ~~~ Computer drawings ~~~ Measuring tools ~~~ Machinery ~~~ Cranes ~~~ Concrete making.

  • Foundation

  • Structure.

  • Covers.

  • Masonry.

  • Facilities.

  • Carpentry.

  • Coatings and paint.

This is what Inma and Sofia taught us.

Thanks for everything.

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My article

A few weeks ago there was an airplane crash that could have been avoided. On the plane were a Brazilian soccer team, the players had their families and others were waiting for the stork. According to witnesses, the plane was a bad company, the plane fell a few kilometers before the airport. Witnesses say they have thrown less gas than they should have, but people also say that there was a technical failure. I think it could have been avoided because of the gas which I find irresponsible. In the accident people survived among them the doorman, a survivor says he survived thanks to instructions that many passengers do not read.

When people saw that the lights went out, they began to run in search of their loved ones, which is irresponsible.

Well that has been my article.

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As was?

Before a journalist was someone who wrote in periodicals, but some time later they were in charge of searching for information and news that they liked. The profession of journalist is not well known from when it exists: 1º From Antiquity, 2º From the birth of the printing press and 3º From the 1st years of the XIX century.

How is it?

A journalist is one who dedicates himself to the profession of journalism, whether in print, photography, radio, television or digital media. With the digital revolution, three types of journalism have emerged: the traditional, the participative and the citizen.

Technology in the profession.

Technology helps the day to day, and more to journalism, with computers, televisions, and cameras there, also helps the effect, to write the article of the journalist.

Tools use.

I have focused on the digital journalist, and these are the most important tools: Popcorn Maker, Pixorial, Soo Meta, Moovly, Think Link, Atavist, Geacommons, and



Acrobatic gymnastics

Hello bloggers! Today I’m going to talk about the time to set up choreographies and “design” meshes. In this time the choreographers put us the choreography that we need and if sometimes we go ahead, let us choose the music.

In the meshes tell us how we want more or less the design (for example: straps, long sleeve with skirt …) and what drawings and colors we want to carry the mesh. They also tell us to send them photos that we find on the Internet mesh to get an idea to start the design. Then when they bring you the mesh if you want you can put Swarovski, and to put the Swarovskis or you can buy the machine to stick them or find someone to get them.


This is my last year’s mesh


Does technology increase or diminish knowledge?


When a “senior” person hears that we work with technology, what do you think?

In my school (especially in my class) we work with technology, each one has a blog and his own school mail account. We work with computers, iPads, etc, but that does not mean that we do not give normal class like all schools in Spain. We with the use of technology learn to write, we have a space to share our knowledge, we have a Youtube channel and we make presentations to learn how to express ourselves in public.

I think we are prepared for the future, because not only do we learn math, language … but technology helps us learn, because working with technology does not mean playing.

Do not forget these words “technology not only serves to play also serves to learn and increase our knowledge”

We are very happy with what we have achieved, and we hope to continue this way, because working together and striving we can achieve what we propose, whether with technology or without technology.



The sirens

Hello bloggers! The other day Sara wrote me a comment saying that I wanted an entrance on sirens, and that’s why today the entrance goes from that, we START.

The body of a siren is quite strange since the top has a normal person but in the bottom have a tail with fish scales. These beings are recognized as mythological, since they have been part of the imagination, but if we know one thing, and is that the human has not managed to go down to the bottom of the ocean, and if there are hidden sirens?

It is not yet known with certainty, so we can not yet say either that they exist or that they do not.

The mermaids may not be as we think, they may not be good, they are like stories told that hypnotized you with your voice or have the upper part of human fish and legs. The fact is that we do not know, but we can always imagine them in our head as we would like them to be.


Sports Today!


I did what I did to make a small business but then try to enlarge it. The company would be in the tertiary sector and the company organization would need: purchasing, production, marketing and financial department. Then in the company would have human resources that they would need: Informátic @ s, machine designers and monitors specialized in some type of sport , In material resources I will need: tools, technology and machinery, in financial resources would need 1,000,000 € in principle.

My advertising in principle are pamphlets and what we would do would be to repeat the message many times.

And all this so you are asking, it is for my company “Sports Today” that what it will do will have monitors specialized in some sport and give a class to a person, then the person will tell us what object would remove or add to the sport To adapt to their needs or to make it easier, then we will see which are the most voted and most useful objects, we would create and sell them. If someone wants the object to be done to her, we would tell her if she wants to design it for herself.




Hello bloggers! Do you know that they have discovered a solar system similar to ours?

Yes, it has happened and I will tell you how it happened.

A few years ago, NASA sent a satellite into space in search of planets we did not know. And there he was spinning through space until he found it, a solar system with 7 planets spinning around a star. The solar system called Trappist-1 is 40 light years from here, so a person would take 80 years to come and go. According to experts 3 of these planets can inhabit life, as they fulfill the qualities.

One of those planets, the 4th in proximity to the sun is apparently equal to the Earth, since it has the same size.

The planet of this solar system closest to its sun takes 1 day to make an orbit and the furthest takes 12.

Scientists will continue to study those 7 planets and there is life in them.

I hope you liked it and leave your opinion.




The power of friendship

Hello bloggers! Today I’m going to talk about friendship.

Friendship is one of the most beautiful things there is, if above all that person is your friend for good and bad times. Many people “confuse” the misty with a little loneliness. That a person criticizes you behind your back, that you leave aside, that does not support you in your worst moments, that only meets with you for what interests you, that is not a good friend.

A good friend does not need to give you gifts to show you how much she loves you, only this shows you, helps you, does not speak badly about you, does not hide things and supports you when you need them.

If you do not have a best friend, do not worry, you do not have to, surely you’ll have fun with other people. If you see someone leaving you aside or doing things that you think are not right, have willpower and get over him and join with people you do not know, maybe you are better off than you thought and you end up Being your best friends. But if you do not have anyone, do not worry, surely someone in the world is waiting for you.

It is better to be alone than in bad company!





Hello bloggers! Do not you think we complain a lot?

We often hear the phrase “life is very unjust”, and in some things it is true. But we also hear the saying “we do not value what we have until we lose it”, that is our mistake. Nothing in this world is perfect, hopefully people would not be born with problems, all children would have a family that cares for them and care for them. But not everything is like that, life is not roses and easy ways. One phrase that reminds me that you always have to be positive is: “Life sometimes gets uphill, but when you get to the top the views are pretty.” You have to know how to adapt to what comes and accept it with joy, because life is unique and there is only one. One of my favorite songs is the Paris of Dani Martin, because it talks about that life are not all good things. My favorite stanza of that song is: “that life is something else, than Verona, Venice and Paris”.

If there were no bad things there would be no good, and if something bad happens to us it will make us stronger and we will be glad to continue living.

There is only one life and you have to take advantage of it!




Hello bloggers! Today I’m going to talk about volleyball, because now I’ve been fond of that sport.

The volleyball is a team sport, it is played in a small field and with a net, within the field there can only be 3 or 4 players (depending on the level) and as they are rotating one goes out and another enters. In volleyball there are 3 different positions, if you play 4 players are: 1 setter (in front of the net), 2 receivers (behind the setter on the 2 right and left sides) and 1 defending back, which is supposed to be the Which recently removed, if there are 3 players in the field, the thing does not change much: there are 1 setter, 1 receiver (now only behind the setter and on the left side) and the defender behind.

The volleyball consists of putting points to the opposing team, can only be given 3 touches at most, if the one that will pass the ball to the other field touches the net is point for the other team, if one of a team touches the ball and Going away is also point for the other team. And finally in the volley they play 2 sets.

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